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Crafty Coo – Standard Mug Unscented Candle


Our hand poured mug candles are made from wax created using rapeseed oil and coconut oil, nothing else.  They are completely free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax, and synthetic additives.  As a result the wax may crack slightly when cold but this will not affect the burn quality.

We have lovingly created these candles so they can be lit at the table, beautiful flickering light making the fine bone china almost transparent.  We have kept them unscented; they won’t interfere with your senses as you eat.

Our mug candles are boxed and come with a matching gift card… the perfect gift.

When the candle has finished, remove any residual wax, the wick disc and put through the dishwasher or soak in hot water, then your mug is ready to fill with tea!

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About this item

As with all our fine bone china this item is dishwasher and microwave safe when you’ve finished burning the candle.

Our standard mugs have a 298ml volume (when filled to the brim) and stand 8.4cm high.