Our beautiful cat range includes a character and a footprint.

Introducing Thula, a beloved companion cat to an autistic child. Sometimes children can discover a world of learning through art, movement, nature, and the intercession of animals. We donate a percentage of profit to ‘Kids Must Move’ ( with the sale of some items in our ‘Cat’ range.

Children on the autistic spectrum learn better when they feel safe. Kids Must Move is a united front of Horse Boy, Arabella Carter-Johnson (Author of “Iris Grace”) and Kristine Barnett (Author of “The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing, Genius, and Autism”) to empower parents and make education effective and inclusion possible.  Movement Method, the way the brain wants to learn, from life skills to academics. A science backed approach applicable to schools, homeschoolers and higher education alike that show how movement helps us build the brain.

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